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Vivid Matrix MX-370, 15" Single Side Laminator, w/ Pneumatic Rollers

The Vivid Matrix MX-370 15" is a single sided laminator, with Pneumatic Rollers. The Matrix is designed in-house by Vivid to help breathe life into your business by allowing you to provide your customers with a service you previously had to outsource. It has anti-curl technology to ensure that whatever you laminate comes out smooth and flat. Also it has a semi-automatic feed with auto-overlap. This is the best value single-sided laminator on the market, is simple to use, easy to maintain, quick and reliable.

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Financing, Set-Up and Training Available.
Warranty: 1 Year
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Matrix features

Fingertip control

Our exclusive patented multilingual control panel is simple and easy-to-use.It's available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.It takes virtually no training to set-up your laminator for whatever you need, yet it gives you complete control over every job.

Always hungry for work

The semi-automatic feed with auto-overlap makes it easy to feed your work through the laminator and the separator ensures it's ready for the guillotine the moment it's been laminated.

Keeping things smooth

Our unique anti-curl technology, in sync with the control panel, ensures that whatever you laminate - a menu, a book cover or a sheet of business cards - comes out flat with no curl or uplift.


The Pneumatic Matrix delivers much faster production times compared to the standard systems. They can run up to twice the speed, so now printers can laminate their work even faster to get the job finished and back to the customer.


  • Max. Laminating Speed - 33 " / Minute
  • Max. Laminating Width - 15"
  • Paper Thickness - (gsm / lbs) - 135+ / 90
  • Warm Up Time - 10 Minutes
  • Laminating Temperature Range - 32F -284F
  • Control Panel - Multilingual LCD
  • Film Core - 3"
  • Power Supply AC- 220V-240V
  • Dimensions - 31"Wide
  • Gross Machine Weight - 419 lbs
  • Factory Warranty - 1 year


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