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PL227HP 27" Roll/Mounting Laminator

The PL227HP is a 27" roll and mounting laminator that is capable of producing quality lamination at a fast rate: it can laminate up to 16ft/min depending on the film thickness and is capable of accommodating film from 1.2mil to 10mil in thickness. The PL227HP will laminate materials, such as foamboard, up to 1/4" thick. With an extremely short set up time and a throughput capacity that can surpass 1000ft/hr, the PL227HP is the ideal commercial laminating solution. This machine fills the gap between "toys" and expensive commercial laminators without sacrificing quality or performance.

Standard Features on the PL227HP Mounting/Roll Laminator

  • 27" Wide Lamination at 16FPM+ w/1.8mil
  • Laminates All Film Grades - 10mil
  • Variable Reversible S/S Speed Control 0-18FPM
  • Side Slitters and Casters
  • Affordable Price $ Considerable Energy Savings
  • Warm Up Time Less Than 5 minutes
  • Stand Included Free - A $300 Value
  • Digital Temperature and Readout Control
  • Single Side Capable
  • Laminates Material thru .25" Thick
  • Adjustable Gap Able Heat Rollers
  • Lower Cooling Fans
  • Film Capacity 3000'
  • Excellent Foam Board Applications
  • 240V machine (110V can be made upon request)
  • Warranty 90 Days Parts
Warranty: 1 Year
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